Yay! … The Weekend is Here … TGIF!!

I am so glad Friday and the weekend has come. Today I had my friend CKR over for the afternoon and supper, and she left about a 11:15 p.m. CST… After CKR left, I decided to get my journaling done for the night before retiring for the night and then go to bed. Last night I had fallen asleep on the couch in the living room — my former bed or futon Anyway…today was a very good day. The day was not great but it was a manageable day. I had my shower this morning, got dressed in my comfy clothes, and my friend CKR was over for the afternoon. My caseworker, MM, is helping me make my life less stressful and making sure that I have face to face contact with people in my life, and learning to make reasonable plans … plans that have solidity to it. I have walked away from negativity for the past two years now and will continue to make positive changes in my life. Living in my world, at times, can be complicated in my way of thinking. I am glad the weekend is here! I have no plans tomorrow as tomorrow will be a day for just me and Bing Crosby cat.

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