Dear Diary Has Different Walks of Life Here

Just like the building I live in, Dear Diary has different walks of life here. I have taken the time this afternoon to read a few diaries/journals to see what other diarists have to say and not even one diary is similar but in the fact of we are all diarists with thoughts and feelings. Today I have not run into any diaries/journals I did not like or think otherwise. Everyone here at Dear diary all walk on the road but no one, today, wrote similar thoughts. That makes Dear Diary special and different. In the past…I have run into some strange people on here and had to block a few people from commenting because of attitude I do not care for … but not most recently … thankfully. Today has been a quiet day. My friend has texting back again so we have been texting each other for the past hour now. Texting exists again as of today. YAY! It was missed even though it was a welcome rest during its silence. Dear Diary has different walks of life here.

More later…

Author: ksmiley

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