Thursday … Another Lazy Day!

No plans for today … another lazy day of doing nothing all day except reading, watching TV’s recording DVR box shows, and being online ALL day. That is pretty much what my days have come to be lately since school finally finished for me. I have a fairly busy week so far with Tuesday being the busiest of the week so far. Tomorrow brings on another fairly busy day for me but not as busy as Tuesday was or will be for the week. I am doing great otherwise … been pain-free yesterday, today, and movement about the house and building has been very good as well. I have not had pain-free days this long now and experiencing it again has been a great relief and joy in my heart of pounding of days I am still alive. The last time I had pain-free days was 5 to 6 years ago before I began using the cane and the walker a year or so ago now. Today is a very good day today for me as well. Can not argue. I am looking forward to my Friday and weekend … even going to the doctor tomorrow in regard to my contractures from my cerebral palsy. Please, for those who believe in the power of prayer and God Himself, that my pain-free days are long and pain does not return for a very long time — never in my book actually. AMEN!

Today is a good day for me. YAY! Saying good bye for now.

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