Where Was I 9 Years Ago Today

Nine years ago today I was getting ready for an appointment to see my DVR (Devision of Vocational Rehabilitation) counselor in regards to looking for work or going on to school. I had just turned 31 the summer before. I had turned on the TV and noticed that the news was on and I just saw the 2nd plane hit the World Trade Center real hard or the 1st one. That part is the only unclear thing of my day. I did not know it was a terrorist attack at the time. I turned the TV off and handed to my appointment knowing that I was going to be picked up by a neighbor/friend afterwards to go grocery shopping and out to eat with her. By the time my appointment was over, I had waited outside for my neighbor/friend and someone had their vehicle radio on loud enough for me to hear it and then I realized the seriousness of the incident I had seen on the TV at home a little before. My friend picked me up and she too had her radio on in her car too. By then, I realized how serious the plane crash into the World Trade Center really was … an attack on the United States by terrorists from another country. Who was involved and why had made me wonder … something I did not want to worry about anymore. I was kind of scared by then. The terrorist attack was very serious and lives have changed the families involved. It was a scary day for everyone that day nine years ago.

Friday, September 10, 2010 – Dr. Phil Show

A man was seriously affected by the September 11, 2001 attack on the U.S. A now retired fireman who had been there that unfaithful and scary day was affected by what happened 9 years ago, and his wife and daughter had asked for Dr. Phil’s help in helping their loved one get past the horrible day. This gentleman had accepted Dr. Phil’s help in the end of the show and finally smiled for the first time in years since September 11, 2001. I am forever grateful to know of this man’s peaceful end of tormenting himself


I know a couple of people who will not celebrate their birthdays anymore on 9/11 because of the terrorist attack on this very day.

Nine Years Later

Nine years after the terrorist attack, what happened that very day is still fresh in my mind as if the incident happened yesterday or even today.

R.I.P for those who died nine years ago today.

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