My Sunday

My Morning

I had awakened at 6 a.m. or so this morning and taking my body to finish sleeping in the living room on the futon/couch again waking up at 8:30 a.m. to start my day. Got dressed for the day knowing that company was coming later in the day to pick up Cuddles Marie the cat to take her back home. I began watching recorded TV shows on my DVR box system of our cable company, begin writing in my journal, and begin my day.

Company in the Afternoon

My neighbor CD called to see if she could come down to get her magazines I wanted to give to her and I told her that her coming down would be fine. CD came down and visited for awhile before she left before 3:30 p.m.. Then after CD left, I waited for JSL and DL to come pick up Cuddles to take her back home. Cuddles has been here since Wednesday evening.

My Evening

JSL and her husband DL dropped by to pick Cuddles up to take her back home around 8 p.m., visiting for about 45 minutes before leaving for the home themselves. They were out of town at her parents dog sitting and keeping Cuddles here for a few days. Their visit was nice and very welcoming. I do not see JSL very often now-a-days but see or hear DL as he is out working on the yard during the week. After they left, picking up Cuddles and taking her back home, I have taken the rest of the evening to finish watching more recorded TV programs, and do some more journaling for the day.

Heading To Bed Soon

I do not have anything planned for tomorrow or Tuesday this week. LB will be here Wednesday morning this week. I have my shower gal coming tomorrow. I need to head to bed soon. Now with Cuddles gone home and Bing all by himself again, our home will be Cuddles-free until our next Cuddles visit. She is already missed by Bing Crosby the cat. Heading to bed soon. Good night and God bless.

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