CKR Needs to Get A LIFE!

I am not ashamed to say that CKR is a bitch because of the fact of what she has done. I had found out from a close, true, and dear friend of mine that CKR asked my friend to do her dirty work telling me to get out of her business, which I am not or haven’t. Her actions and attitude have proven to be questionable and yes, I asked questions. CKR did the wrong thing getting my friend JSL to do her dirty work for her, and that really pissed me off – CKR pissed me off tonight for the last time. As of tonight, I am done with her, and will talk to someone about this tomorrow to get my spare key from CKR that she has from me. CKR needs to get a life and stop being such a bitch to me and stop her lies. What I know about CKR is so obvious as she is so easy to read and what she sets off as a person, is definitely obvious. CKR is such a bitch. She needs to get a life in my book, and I am no longer going to help her, listen to her, or even, talk to her. Tomorrow I will get some things done to finish my friendship with CKR.

Author: ksmiley

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