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It has been a very long time since I have attended church on Saturdays because the pain has been so great physically for me … but since September 8, 2010, I have been working on getting back to church both Saturday and Sunday to get my spiritual needs met and seeing people I know and care about dearly, and those who are in my life. So far, today has been a very good day! After church this morning, I went over to Papa Mick’s and Mama Char’s house for a while to have lunch with them and see their pup, Cody, a four year old Yorkie. I have been home since a few minutes before 5 p.m. where Papa Mick and Cody brought me home for the rest of the day — evening more so than anything. I was able to take the day and be away from the apartment building… I got away from Teamster Manor for the day and away from other tenants who seem to bring the worst out of me at times, LOL. I had come home to see one of the tenants out in the lobby with his dog, a tenant in the community room on his laptop bouncing off the internet from MY modem, lol, and head another tenant talking to the tenant with the dog. i am now in my pajamas, after changing out of my church clothes for the day, and getting a massage from my massage machine in my recliner. Bing is sleeping in one of the kitchen table chairs in the kitchen, and I am now watching recorded TV shows until the end of Sabbath.

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