No More CKR For Sure Now

Spare Key

I got my spare key back today and I did tell her that I just learned that I could not give out my spare key out for permanent use. CKR gave the key back without a problem. Now I have the spare key back in my possession again and I will not give it to anyone anymore.

Mumble Grumble

After I got my key back, CKR grumbled/mumbled something under her breath … something uncharacteristic of her to have done so in the past when we were great friends before she got married … divorced now. I could not understand or really hear what was said but I know it was not pleasant as when a person grumbles and mumbles under there breath, it is because it is most of the time not pleasant. Anyway, mumble grumble away she did. I was so glad she got in the elevator and went upstairs! I could no longer stand her anymore. My friendship with her was now completely over and no more was the spare key holding my feelings hostage anymore. Whew…that was over quickly and we can move on in our lives. What CKR does now is definitely not my business and she is no longer coming into my home and what she brings into my home will no longer be my business. We are through now! YES!

The Rest of My Day

While getting my key back and while my key was holding my feelings hostage about CKR, I do have to admit that my heart ached and pounded so fast and furious that I just did not know what direction I was going, but once I had gotten my key back, my heart and feelings went back to normal within minutes. I am glad it was over quickly!

Anyway, for the rest of my day, I went to lunch with KH while she was between clients with plans to go grocery shopping/shopping at Wal-Mart tomorrow – Saturday – in our plans for the weekend to have time together with one another again. After lunch, we got back to my place and she visited for a few minutes before heading to her client on her schedule, and I took the rest of the day to be online for the rest of the afternoon and decided to watch recorded TV programs … still feeling I am catching up on them but doing good. I tried to read a little but my eyes could not focus on the words in the book on the pages.

Plans For Tomorrow

I got a call from a friend of mine — Papa Mick — telling me he got my message and he wanted to know if I wanted to go to church with him tomorrow in Monroe, Wisconsin. I jumped the chance immediately so I am going to do that and then go shopping with KH after I get back.

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