My World of Silence Today

I decided not to go church today so I stayed home and snuggled with Bing Crosby for part of the day, watch TV, do some reading, and work on my journals all day long. Today was a wonderful world all day long because it was a silent day for me. I had no interruptions that distressed me, my heart was calm all day long, and no one bothered me at all today. I got some texts from my friend JSL this afternoon and evening when on Sundays she rarely texts because it is time with her husband and if it is her husband’s son ZL’s weekend. I do not find it odd that she texts me from time to time but sometimes JSL has things to say and to vent her thoughts if she is upset or angry about something. Texts are always welcome from her any time, any day, and any day in my book. I do not even remember when the last time neither one of us picked up the phone to chat ear to ear now. Yexting has become the “in thing” now-a-days. LOL.

Anyway, today was a VERY good day all day long. No troubles, worries, or anything in the way of my day. Bing Crosby the cat stayed nearby all day long and was only an arm length away, and he was very cuddly and loving, and VERY TALKATIVE the entire day. When he is sitting on my lap while we are recliner, my computer is never used so I do a lot of reading and he rarely gets down unless I have a bathroom break, lol. There are days when Bing is just in need and want to be right there. We see each other 24/7 of our lives so it is a rarity that Bing does not sit on my lap or talk my ear off because he has a lot of love to give and a lot to say. He is a good cat all the time — a rarity he is naughty but he does have his moods from time to time of not listening to me, lol…which “child” doesn’t listen sometimes…right?

A Late Night Tonight

Sometimes I have nights where I am up way after midnight and then head to bed before 4 a.m.. Tonight is another late night tonight and bedtime is not coming anytime soon. Looks like I will be up until 4 a.m. and getting a slight nap before getting up for my day again tonight. It is okay sometimes but not all time, though. Tonight is an exception, though. I know I have KH coming tomorrow to help with my shower, but that is not going to stop me from getting up early and start my day before 9 a.m. in the morning.

What I Am Thinking About Now

Even though no one bothered me at all today, I am going to make a “DO NOT DISTURB” sign for my door for this week so I do not get bothered by anyone in the building this week. I really enjoyed my quiet and silence ALL day today even though I got texted by JSL this afternoon and evening, got a phone call from KH telling me what time she will be here in the morning, and I called my mom tonight instead of her calling me tonight. My mom and I talk on the phone every Sunday unless time is specified differently otherwise. I just called her tonight instead of her calling me.

Awkwardness In the Afternoon

When I looked at the time and it was 3:30 – 4:30 p.m., it felt later than that for some reason. Not sure why it felt that way and probably will not understand why anytime soon.

More tomorrow

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