A Peaceful Weekend

Ahhh, I am looking forward to a peaceful weekend starting right now, this morning … yay! Anyway. I went to bowling last night to see four friends – RB/JB. JRW and her boyfriend M. I had a blast and did not get back home until 12:23 a.m. this morning … went right to bed instead of turning the TV on, sit back in my recliner and do some reading as I first planned as soon as I got home and ran to the bathroom. Thank goodness for disposable underwear; I had to go to the bathroom very badly when I wheeled into the building and into my apartment that I leaked a little by the time I got to the bathroom, lol. I was tired when I had left the bowling alley that by the time I had gotten home, in ten minutes as I sped home in my power chair – Speedy Gonzales I call Jazzy the most part, but he is not as fast as other power chairs and scooters are these days but fast enough for me at all times. I just felt good, last night and when I was coming home from the bowling alley, because I did not have to have an stragglers with me I would have to slow down for, and I did not have to slow down for anyone last night — yay!

Anyway…today is going to be a quiet day for me… … … starting at 10 a.m. this morning. I laid around, talked to Bing Crosby the cat, cuddled with him, and then just felt like doing nothing right away. My day has begun.

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