Another Fine Day

I did not go to church yesterday or today. Decided to play hooky so-to-speak. I was not lazy or anything…just did not go this weekend at all. I …just wanted to be alone at home with no worries today and have another fine end of the weekend. Anyway, I got up at 9 a.m. this morning after waking up watching a cartoon on the Disney channel … not sure what it was now, lol…serious… I did not sleep in or waste any time this morning getting up even though I did not get dressed today – stayed in my pajamas – truth is … I stay in my pajamas most weekends unless I have Saturday or Sunday plans with KH and other friends coming over but I knew I did not have any plans for company today or at all this weekend after seeing my four friends RB/JB, JRW and her boyfriend M Friday night at the bowling alley. I drank Arizona tea all day and drank the rest of the bottle of tea I had in my fridge and ate the last bit of my sharp cheddar cheese I had left over in my fridge as well. I was not very hungry all day today. Chocolate and cheese are my weaknesses – chocolate being dark chocolate. I rarely eat mild/sweet chocolate these days for reason it is so sweet and it makes me feel blah afterward. I’d rather eat dark, semisweet chocolate more so than anything. Why did I bring up chocolate again? … Right! It is one of my weaknesses to eat but lately it has been good to me … yay!

Anyway … today was a VERY GOOD day for the entire day! I did some review of my CPA exam book I had gotten some time back from Borders, did some reading and I did finish the “Dating Game” book by Danielle Steel so tomorrow after my shower, I intend on starting another book for pleasure but not sure what it will be just yet. I do not care for Danielle Steel but the last couple of books have been pretty good reads. I just haven’t decided yet … will find out tomorrow. I have been watching recorded TV programs on my DVR box from the cable company, and been online ALL day long outside my reading and eating…today I did not eat much of anything except drinking tea and eating cheese for a meal. Today was a GOOD day ALL day!

It is after 10 p.m. CST time here now and watching an Law & Order episode, writing in my journal here, lol. My mother called from New Mexico and we chatted for a few minutes before she and her husband began watching a movie this evening. Mom is a teacher and does not have to work tomorrow because it is Columbus Day observed for the United States. Mom calls me every Sunday or I call her myself. Sometimes we talk for several minutes or only a couple of minutes, and I am getting used to it even though I wish we talked more. Sometimes I wonder about my mom but I cannot change her … I can only change how I react to things in my world, right? Right!

One Last Thought of the Night

At 7:30 p.m. my buzzer buzzed but I did not get up and answer it. I did get up to run to the bathroom to brush my real snarly hair I had gotten from Friday night and Saturday night sleeping. I did ignore the buzzer, yes. Why? It is so because I do not answer the buzzer when I do not expect anyone coming over without calling me first and all of my friends do understand my rule. The last time I answered my buzzer was when CKR buzzed to be let into the building because she had forgotten her keys and I was a tad bit upset having to dink around on the buzzer system until she told me why. I was not happy with her period…before that incident. I just did not want to answer my buzzer system tonight at 7:30ish. What I do in my home is my business and no one else needs to know my business anyway – I may share some things but that’s it.

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