The Rest of My Day

I did not do much except play online at Facebook, watched TV – live and recorded programming, and did some reading of “Dating Game by Danielle Steel. I believe that I will have the entire book finished tomorrow sometime but I am not too sure at this point yet. I am hoping it will be finished so Monday I can begin another book after my shower. With not working at this point, all I have time for now is the computer – the internet, reading, writing, journaling, Bing Crosby the cat, TV, and texting friends, and chatting on the phone if anyone calls or I call them. Otherwise, my day has been quiet and no one interrupted me at all … no phone calls, a few texts, and a lot of TV watching and game playing on line. It has been a GREAT day – a quiet and lovely day!

Good night and God bless!

Author: ksmiley

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