Keeping Up – Catching Up FINALLY

I believe that keeping up with my journaling is NOT easy at times but it is definitely possible in my book. Anyway, today, I am FINALLY catching up with my journaling and I am very happy to be doing such. Anyway, today was my Monday shower day and I got dressed – sort of – in comfies the entire day. Tomorrow is my DLS day and tomorrow a load of laundry will be done and I will have clean clothes for the week. I am planning on doing much of nothing but start a new book titled “The Body Farm” written by Patricia Cornwell – an author I do not even know very well but the title of the story sounds rather good. My caseworker MM calls me every Monday and Friday and today being Monday, she will be calling me this afternoon sometime – I hope. I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon and MM will be taking me to it so other than her calling me, we see each other tomorrow and Friday – a Friday call will be postponed because of seeing her Friday. I believe I am finally catching up with all my journaling now. YAY! Almost, anyway. WHEW! I have been watching recorded TV all morning. Now I am just waiting, as patient as possible, for MM to call. AARRGG! Time is moving kinda slow right now … patience is just driving me crazy!!!! LOL…

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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