More Tomorrow

I am tired so I am heading to bed for the night. I have had my “potty” break, and I can barely keep my eyes open anymore tonight. I am off FB for the night. and in a moment now, I will be off the computer for the night as well. I have a busy day tomorrow — okay not really — but since my shower did not happen today because I had to be reinstated as a client because of the fact I was admitted into the hospital over night Thursday to Friday morning before the weekend, and bang boom, my “nurse” came by at 1:30 p.m. this afternoon while I looked like the laziest person in my pajamas and my hair was wild, unkempt, and more importantly, my hair-do was a tad bit on the wildest side for me today, lol. I was planning one washing my hair in the shower quickly this afternoon after my “nurse” left decided to just brush it while I was talking to a neighbor on the cell phone’s speaker phone so my hands were free to brush my unruly, gnarled hair that was so terribly wild and go in every direction I could think of except down, lol.

Good night everyone and I will have more tomorrow. It is 9 p.m. and typing has become a very lazy ordeal for me.

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