Tuesday Was A Busy Day!!

Yesterday I did not have my shower as scheduled because of last week’s admittance into the hospital because of my dehydration episode. Anyway, I was reinstated back into the showering schedule and my shower was scheduled for 9:30 a.m. this morning and back on track tomorrow and Friday for the rest of the week. I do not like the fact that the company I have my showers three times a week has to reinstate a client after being in the hospital (admitted) over a 12 hour period but it is a rule that State requires. I think it stinks but there is nothing I can do. I understand the rule that is set into place but my opinion about it does not really like the rule the State has set. The State and Fed has a lot of rules I do not quite understand but that is okay. I do understand more than I once did anyway. Anyway, I had my shower today after my Living Skills Worker LB had come by to do a quick clean up of the bathroom, sweep, and vacuum the floors, and then off she went on to her next Living Skills client. Otherwise I believe that my day was quiet and pleasant for the most part all day long. Even so, Tuesday was a busy day all day long. I could not ask for more.

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