Thank Goodness!!!! WHEW!!

I thought yesterday I was becoming dehydrated again … only days since I was in the hospital overnight, but when I got there, I was only in the emergency room for only 3 hrs and was sent home because my kidney creatine did not indicate dehydration was severe this time as my creatine showed only a slight dehydration as the doctor in the ER yesterday made sure by taking my blood to get it tested and an urine sample. According the lab work (labs), my kidney did not indicate that I had dehydration and I was able to give them pee in a pee cup for them … this time I did not have to have the nurse catheterize me to get a “clean” sample. I felt dry and was not sure if I was heading towards dehydration again but I was not going to take any chances. I am so glad that I was able to go to Madison and come home the same day.

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