Feeling Okay But A Little Blah

I am feeling okay but I feel a little blah today. I have had company last night because I could not sleep for two nights in a row and I felt I may have to take a sleeping pill and I was not going to do so … a friend to sleep over to make sure I was going to make it okay. It just so happened that I did not have to take a sleeping pill at all! I just feel a little blah because my back aches a little bit and it felt strange having a friend over and not being such a gracious host as I always am otherwise. LB came today and helped with living skills but because I had company over, not a whole lot was done and my back ached slightly and I, as a client of the program that helps with my DLS, am not supposed to have company here when LB is here. I found that out, a rule I forgot, from my caseworker MM told me that LB talked to her about it briefly and she told me what LB said. I am not upset or anything but embarrassment has run into my world today. Oops! What happened today was a fluke and MM told me she and LB do not have this kind of problem/trouble with me when it comes to having friends over when LB is here. One thing that LB did, that I was not very impressed about, was telling MM that I was able to take two sleeping pills, according to my kidney transplant coordinator. I was not impressed because anytime I take medicine that I am not familiar with, I will talk to my kidney transplant coordinator about the medicine before taking any medication. I find it embarrassing when someone else goes and tells someone else what I have done or will do when I have taken the time myself to talk to someone about certain medicines. Sometimes it makes me feel I can not trust certain people and I have to step back and give them an opportunity to bring up their trust again. I am up with my health.

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