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I do have to admit that having my period, at times, really stinks, and it can be a problem from time to time, and today was one of those days that I personally feel that my day has been somewhat or more personal or emotional than I really expected it to be. I was rather bothered by my emotionand s today — tears flowing down my cheeks, unknown feelings have played a major role today ALL day long. With Cuddles being dropped off later than expected, I was so happy to know and see through a text that JSL was okay and … the idea of her being late was not because of the fact she was in an accident or anything serious but I do have to admit I was worried until I heard from her she was going to be late because of car troubles. Before I heard from her through a text, I could not understand what was going on, but later finding out why she was late made it seem like a whirlwind of emotions. I even called KH twice and did not hear from her right away and I personally thought that she was upset with me … … no thanks to the fact that I have my emotions running amok leaving me in a whirlwind of some sort — a horrible sort to be very honest.

Today was, emotional as it was, okay otherwise. Despite my feelings rather going amok this day, I watched TV, read, wrote in my journals, talked to a couple of close and dear friends on the phone before it got real late, cat sitting for the night while my BFF of my life is dog sitting and her cat Cuddles does not like dogs whatsoever, and got some medical questions answered, and my day is not a total loss because of my emotions. Today was not a total loss.

A Possibility

Winter is not that far away now and I do believe that my emotions are amok because I have my period right now and the weather is coming to the point of getting cooler and even more colder. I do not like winter very much but this year I am going to muster through the cold days without letting my emotions run away from me to the point of losing control. I will be okay and that is not a possibly but the wholehearted truth.

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