Today’s Happenings

I did not see LB today for our regular daily living skills nor did I see her at all today. She called around 7:55 a.m. to let me know she was not going to make it at all but she or someone else in the IDS office will get back to me regarding the laundry situation so my laundry would not go a week without it being done – in this case being today two weeks since I have had my laundry done since I have been back from my New Mexico trip over Thanksgiving Day week.

KH has an appointment tomorrow sometime and has asked her work if she would not mind coming Tuesday for me instead. She did come at 9:30 a.m.

My day was a little bit changed … what was scheduled was canceled and what was not planned was done — had my shower today instead of my regular scheduled shower time Monday, Wednesday, & Friday. This week it is Monday, Tuesday, and Friday this week.

Today…as planned as of 4 p.m., my caseworker MM is going to help get my laundry done — a scheduled time but one of those things that throw my schedule off slightly this week for some reason.

Cable Company Issues?

Okay…this morning has NOT been my morning…

Anyway… The cable company must have been having telephone issues because I had called 3 to 4 different times, and within a minute or two my line was disconnected. I ended up paying my cable bill over the internet on their website and I have always felt uncomfortable paying my bills online outside my bank’s website, but today I did it. I was able to get a hold of them after lunch, on the phone, to make a change in my cable line up along with checking a couple of things with my cell phone company for my mom’s husband LLL.

A Frustrating Morning

With a couple of things changing my schedule slightly and the cable company getting me all frustrated, I do have to admit that it was had not to perseverate! I was so frustrated and I could not figure out some things and let some things go. It was horrible and outrageous.

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