A Quick Hello

I thought I would stop by before i ate something for lunch and say hello quickly. I have had my shower this morning as KH dropped by a little after 10 a.m. this morning – weather got a little on the very snowy side this weekend and is now bitterly cold today.. I am not going anywhere today since it is too cold out and I have no reason to go anywhere. Today is a great day to stay indoors where it is warmer. I am comfortable, toasty warm, and taking care of some things today as far as cleaning is concerned but tomorrow is my original daily living skills day with LB. I even have an appointment right here at my place with a gal with the initials TG from what I understand. LB believes I will really like TG a lot so I am bound to find out and that is less than twenty-four away now. Anyway, for my day today…I have decided to take courses on how to understand the Bible better at http://www.christiancourses.com – free courses are available and I am looking forward to the class I am now taking. I have been out of school since July 2010 and seriously miss the studies, going to class, and interacting with other students, and I am yet not found work that is of the field I have took the time to study in the past five years. I will be okay, though. A job will come sooner or later. The economy is down and it has affected so many people beyond the counting phases of life. Anyway, I have had my shower, got in something comfy and warm, and doing my “things” of the day. Now it is time to have lunch. I will write more later. Gotta run. Thanks for checking in and taking the time to come by.

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