Not An Ordinary Monday – Garfield Hates Monday & I Understand Why!

Today is one those days for me where I actually understand Garfield hating Mondays. My day was okay but I do have to admit that KH kinda pissed me off today by tickling my bare feet. I hate that when people tick my feet, arrrgh! She did that last week too and I told her to knock it off then, too, and she had the need to do it again today. ARRRGH! I can understand why Garfield hates Mondays. Usually I don’t but today was one of those days I hate as well.

WIth that said, I do have to say, again that my day was pretty good even though I hate Monday today. I had a doctor’s appointment this afternoon with my CP doctor to find out why I have been having spasms more often than most. Found out, which I hate about today, though, that I have spasms because they are NOT CP spasms as I first thought. They are myclonic (sp?) spasms. They are spasms because of “stress” per se. DANG! DARN! DAMN! CRAP! I am not a very happy camper about this find either. DAMN, again

I am okay otherwise. As for the rest of my afternoon and evening — I had a good day outside my two not so good moments in life.


It is getting late and I am getting tired so I will be heading to bed shortly. I am going to say good night and God bless now and come back sometime tomorrow after my daily living skills are done in the morning. I got a text from LB this evening and she told me that I will still see LB sometime tomorrow but because of the weather, that had turned nasty shortly after I got back from my doctor’s appointment, she will be a little bit late. It does not look very nice out there right now, either! I love winter to a point but not when it gets yucky and unruly… Unruly? LOL

Good night and God bless! Time to get under the covers to keep warm. YAY!

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