Drawing A Blank…I Hate Those Moments…seriously

I am one who loves to write and give my thoughts a chance to form across the lines of paper, over the screen on my word processor, but there are moments I have “writer’s block” or draw a blank. I hate those moments…seriously! It stinks and it bothers me to no end and I perseverate quite a bit to figue things out. It’s bad…real bad…at times. I will be okay and my world will still spin no matter what kind of moment it is but there are moments it seems that time has moved very slowly making the entire day seem longer than usual. There are days, when I feel the day is going super fast, I look at the time and it is a lot earlier than I had thought, lol. I do not know if that is worse for time moving slowly or it is just … how the day moves. I am still drawing a blank, lol. I will be okay, though. I have to figure out what I want for supper yet!

Author: ksmiley

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