My Day Was Not Too Bad

Posed on December 24, 2010

8 a.m.

Okay… Here I go… I was hoping to sleep in this morning but I could not sleep anymore past 7:59 a.m. I decided to get up and start my day. I slept what I could. In fact, to be very honest here, I began to sleep in the bedroom where I slept for the last two nights but last night I ended up coming out into the living room and sleeping on the couch/futon. Sleep was hard to find last night for some reason. I ended up taking a melatonin at 1 a.m. and finally got some sleep with the TV on the Disney channel. At least I got 7 hours of sleep but I can tell it was not fitful or very comfortable. I have a cold and my sinuses were acting up last night. I had awakened this morning coughing a little bit.


It is the day before Christmas Eve and today I have no plans. I am going to take it easy and relax today. I have some TV shows I have recorded throughout the week to watch and going to watch Netflix on my computer, and play games online at Facebook to play. I will, on occasion, text my best friend JS and make small talk with her, but otherwise no plans for today. I do not think it is going to be a boring day at all today. The IDS office is closed now for the Christmas holiday weekend so I will not be hearing from my caseworker MM or hear from LB anymore this week.


I am enjoying the time of relaxation right now. I am watching Dog the Bounty Hunter show that I recorded earlier this week – believing now it was last night. I am somewhat bored but I have my books to read, my computer, my TV, and Netflix to keep me occupied for whatever I decide. Boredom has somewhat set in because it is now early afternoon in Wisconsin and it is one day away from Christmas Eve and two days before Christmas Day. I do not have any plans for Christmas so this weekend is going to be a quiet, layback kind of Christmas holiday for me this year since I traveled to New Mexico for Thanksgiving this year.

4:53 p.m.

Darkness has enveloped the sky for the night.

The Facebook Message

I have just learned that a high school colleague’s mother died on December 22, 2010. My heart goes out to the BW family. My friend SJ lost his mother two days before Thanksgiving and my friend BW lost his mother three days before Christmas, and a high school colleague died and I find out on December 22, 2010. What’s next.

Good Night

I am going to say good night now.

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