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What can I say about today? Not a whole lot actually to be very honest. I felt rather lazy all morning long that I did not get myself going until 11 a.m. even though I was awake by 9 a.m. this morning. Yep, I was able to sleep in this morning. I had gotten my weekend call from my mom yesterday because it was New Years Day and she called to wish me HAPPY NEW YEAR so I will not be hearing from Mom today. My cell phone has been dead quiet ALL day. Since today is Sunday, I have not heard from JSL at all – a weekly ritual that she has so she can time with her husband DL and when her stepson ZL is visiting every other weekend. It has not been totally quiet outside my apartment this afternoon because our manager and her husband is having a gathering in the community room so I have heard the community room door across the hall open and shut many times and little kids running and squealing down the hall – a child sounding like he was avoiding his parents but got caught and started screaming and crying reminding me about the community room being reserved this afternoon. Before remembering what was happening across the hall, I was getting a little annoyed of the noises coming from something – a phone or a hand held game. My day today … fairly laid back and quiet otherwise while watching TV and reading more of my 2nd Harry Potter book. I do not think that I will be able to finish the 2nd book tonight or by Monday night either. I am only on chapter 13 of 18 chapters and I have been multi-tasking, LOL, between having a cat on my lap, reading, watching TV, and on my computer. I did not get on my computer and get on facebook until after 2 p.m. CST this afternoon. I just did not want to get on my computer a whole lot today for some reason. Remember … feeling lazy and not getting going until almost noon and finally getting going at 11 a.m., LOL


Not in the mood to cook and after making six soft boiled eggs, I decided to order a cod fish dinner with extra fries for supper tonight. Otherwise for the rest of the month of January, I am going to get groceries to prepare dinners for the month and eating out less this month and the rest of the year – hopefully the rest of the year anyway since I do not make New Year resolutions at any given time. I got hungry for fish tonight, though, and the place I ordered my meal from – Jim’s Pizzeria – has cod dinners.

More Thoughts

Monday is coming rather quickly and my weekend is just about over now. Starting tomorrow, Monday, begins a new “work” week for me and begins my shower week Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. Tuesday will be my DLS (Daily Living Skills) with LB. I do not have a total relaxing week this week as now I have an appointment on Thursday at 2 p.m. with my counselor PS and my IDS caseworker MM. I have a busy week ahead that begins once again now that the holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years is all over for another year. We have been in 2011 for two days now and I cannot even fathom that we have reached 2011 so quickly. As I get older, it seems that days are going faster. As for today … I could not have asked for more even though I have felt a little nerved with some of the noises I heard above me and in the hallway today … above me practically EVERYDAY lately. It is like this neighbor never goes anywhere anymore but noses about here. I do not care for the neighbor above me very much because of her attitude and the people she keeps company with outside the building who once lived here in the apartment I now reside in.

AH MAN! I have so much to tell and I intend to share a lot this year as a new rule of having no barriers in my diary this year. I am going to express the truth and not hide away from my world ever again starting yesterday.

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