My New Year’s Day

My New Year’s Day


My New Year’s Day

I had a very good day all day long. In fact, I was able to sleep in a little bit and I slept in until 9:15 a.m. or so … at least. I did not want to sleep in until noon and waste my whole day away because I did not want to. I read a little bit, played games on Facebook for a while, did some journaling … now, LOL, and watch Snapped on the Oxygen channel all afternoon as well as Disney Channel, and Dog the Bounty Hunter that I recorded this past Wednesday and decided to watch this evening. Watching the episode of Dog on what he called his “Mercy Tour” had me in tears throughout the hour I watched it. I have known for a long time that “Dog” cares for his clients but “Dog’s: Mercy Tour” had really shown more of “Dog” and Beth and how they reach out to troubled people all over the nation as they did their “Mercy Tour” for almost a month and met with family and became friends along the way. I love the show and the people who make the show possible. Today has been a wonderful day all day long. I relaxed all day long and noticed how fast time went once time got past the noon hour. At one point in my afternoon, I remember looking at the clock and the time was 1 p.m. and then the next thing I remember was the clock saying 4 p.m. I believe I lost three hours or so but I did not take a nap even though I felt like I wanted to this afternoon. I kept myself busy on the computer all day long. That is what my New Year’s Day was like all day long.

I did not do a lot of Harry Potter: The Chamber of Secrets but I have until Monday morning yet to see if I reach the deadline and begin reading the third book. I did talk to my dad’s wife, SGK this afternoon to wish her a HAPPY NEW YEAR and wanted her to know what my plans were for the Christmas gift of money I had received from them for Christmas 2010. I have decided which took a while, what I was going to do with my Christmas money. I have decided to get the following:

Harry Potter book 4, 5, 6, and 7
Little House on the Prairie Book Set
Bed Sheet Set
Towel Set

I might have some money left over but we shall see. I am looking forward to shopping!!

My day went well! Tomorrow is another day for me so I better go.

Good Night

I am heading to bed here so I will say good night and God bless.

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