My World At A Glance

My Morning

I did not really sleep in this morning … got up at 7:45 – 8 a.m. this morning and got dressed for the day. I got online and played on Farmville and Farm Town for a while having my friend SJ help on Farm Town and I helped on his farm as well. I did some harvesting on SJ’s farms as well as doing some plowing while SJ did some chopping of trees on my three farms. As my morning closed, I decided to get going and ready for my appointment at 1 p.m. before I left at 1:30 p.m. My morning was laid back.

My Afternoon

I had an appointment with my counselor this afternoon. My caseworker MM was there this visit as well and things were talked about in regards to my bathing, health, and happiness. MM comes to every other counseling appointment to support me and to put her thoughts and words into the mix as well. I had gotten a ride from a company out of Monroe, Wisconsin called Access Transit. I got to my appointment safely and back home just as safely. Before I left for my appointment I was trying to figure out why I was $10 off on my banking here at home when comparing with my checking account at the credit union, I was unable to find out what was happening but told myself not to fret about it at all and I will find out where the difference of $153.64 and $143.64 was coming from before retired to bed for the night. I was not going to fret and get upset whatsoever. You see, I had record all of my expenses and deposits in Excel to keep track with my finances each month or I keep track by visiting my checking account online every couple of days to see what has cleared or deducted each day, week, and month. I hate to find out I do not have enough money for something I do need … it does bother me that I do not have enough money period! My finances are part of my world like everyone else!!!

My counseling appointment went well. The truth is, when my appointment was over, I was glad to get myself back home and in my apartment. I was not upset that I had to go out or go to my counseling appointment or anything, I just have my period and it is a very heavy one, and I just wanted to get home and cleaned up a bit. After my appointment, I was home within 15 minutes and definitely finding myself having to clean up. I believe, with the holidays of Thanksgiving – New Years, were a little more stressful than usual for me and so my period is a heavy one this month. Sorry men!

My Evening

My evening has been a very quiet one – a nice one to be very honest with you. I am glad I went to my counseling appointment even though my period this month has gotten me into an emotional world the past couple of weeks. I was overwhelmed over the weekend and undoubtedly worried about my transplanted kidney of almost 23 years (March 12) and the way my period was making me feel. I have found myself a little more grumpy, more isolated from the world outside my door and feeling safe in my apartment with the door locked and the phone shut off and having my cell phone nearby to text my BFF of my world and so forth. I even actually looked at myself in the mirror a few times this past week or so now thinking something was wrong with me when there is nothing wrong with me. I hate having this period I tell you! This evening is a good one, though. I am feeling better tonight. I just can not wait until my period is over so I feel more human again … pretty much it. Anyway, I did find the reason for the $10 difference from my records to the records of my credit union. It was a check that was cashed and posted on the 3rd of the month that I missed/overlooked. I had recorded the check amount in my records on Excel and I am, once again, equal to what I am supposed to have with all the bills that yet have to clear in the bank as of yet. Whew! I knew I was not going to go to bed with no worries or headaches. Another whew!

More Thoughts about My Day

I can not argue about how my day went today. I would have either liked it or not and it would have gone the way it had gone anyway, right? Right…I think so… Anyway, it is getting close to the late hour now and I have been thinking about bed and sleep for a while now. My day was not as long as yesterday but it was another long day once I got back home from my appointment. I made the best of it anyway. I did not have a quiet day … a busy one. My appointment with my counselor PS went well this afternoon and two more appointments were scheduled ahead of time. The next appointment is with me and Pam alone and then the appointment afterward is with me, MM, and PS. MM goes to my counseling appointments with me every other appointment with PS and goes to every med check appointment with me and HL. Yep, I take medication for anxiety and depression everyday. I hate having periods but I am glad they come on time each month. I just hate this month’s period experience. Sorry men but I am not ashamed of saying some things anymore. Where is my world coming to? I can only be the one to answer such a silly question anyway.

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