A Very Good Day!!!

Today was a fabulous day even though the weather proved so differently in my world. I had two doctor appointments today but my 1st one was canceled because the doctor was not going to be able to be in. Anyway, I still had my daily living skills day with LB and the new DLS worker this morning. I had a lot of work done before LB and J got here on Sunday and Monday and LB was impressed with the way it looked. We did have our inspections today but my apartment was not picked for the day. Another inspection is tomorrow and my apartment could still be picked, though. Anyway, I am ready for it no matter so I am not worried at all for once in my world. My laundry was done, the bathroom was cleaned, the dishes in the strainer was put away, any spoiled or strange looking food was removed from the refrigerator. I had the table, computer desk, counter tops, litter box, dishes put away, and did my best with the microwave, cleaned before LB and J got here. I had gone to bed last night by 830 pm and woke up at 530 a.m. today, and laid in bed until 630 am before finally getting dressed for the day and did some more cleaning and organizing. I have decided, since I am left handed to see if LB would be able to help move my recliner and end table so I could put down ALL of my TV tray tables and when LB got here, swept and mopped, did 3 loads of laundry, cleaned the bathroom, and vacuumed the living room and bedroom floors and rug in front of my kitchen sink, she helped move the recliner and end table with ease. Now I have a little more room and no more TV table in use at the moment. I can even see the TV a lot better, LOL.

Because my doctor’s appointment was canceled at 2 pm, MM, J, and I went shopping at Wal-Mart. I picked up a couple of bottles of Pedialyte, containers to put prepared meals to freeze, and a couple of other things that I was getting low of such as; paper towels, garbage bags, baggies – large .and small – a new Libman mop head. After picking those things up, I asked to looked at the books section to see what Harry Potter books they carried. I found Harry Potter: The Deathly Hollows (sp?). I bought it. We had time after we left Wal-Mart to go to a bookstore called Book World and I bought Harry Potter books 4, 5, and 6 … so today I have the ENTIRE Harry Potter book set. Next, which will wait for a week or so now, I will get the Laura Ingalls Wilder book set of Little House on the Prairie. I have enough/plenty of Christmas money left to get that book set as well, too. I am a VERY happy woman today. I am excited that I have ALL of the Harry Potter books now. Now I can rest, relax, and stop obsessing about the Harry Potter books now, LOL … Don’t worry about me obsessing about getting the Little House on the Prairie book set because that is coming soon. I will see about getting them next week. I believe, from getting a paperback card at Book World today, I will save $5 on the $63 book set which means I will only have to pay $58 for the book set and then I will have ALL of my Christmas gifts from my AR parents. Like I said before, I am a very happy woman today. I could not have asked for more. I LOVE my gifts this year. As a matter of fact, as soon as I had all of the Harry Potter books in my hands, I texted my dad’s wife and told I had all of the books now and will get my Little House on the Prairie books soon. She texted me back and said “good!” YAY!

My appointment with Dr. Axe went VERY well and he did not have a lot of callous to scrape away from November 30th – January 11. He scraped away the callous, put new padding in my brace to cushion pressure callous from forming as quickly as it did when I first had it checked out, and MM, J, and I were out the door and I was heading home for the rest of the day. MM and J dropped me off and MM made sure I got to the door and in before saying goodbye and see me Thursday morning, and took J to her vehicle, leaving me to my own devices for the rest of the day. I had gone to see LG for a few minutes to tell her I had gotten all of the Harry Potter books and now going to be getting Laura Ingalls Wilder books next and she was telling me about another book LIW had written. Now she has perked my interest about this book! I had gotten to my apartment and saw all that I had bought and Wal-Mart and Book World right on my kitchen table. I just could not wait to delve into Harry Potter: The Prisoner of Azkaban.
Today was a very good day!

I do have to admit one thing, though … I was a little upset and unhappy that my 2 pm doctor’s appointment was cancelled because I wanted to get the one appointment over with due to the fact that the doctor I was meeting was a new doctor and I have some issues with change and meeting new people now since I have had to walk away from many people in my life due to trust and drama issues. The appointment was scheduled two weeks away. I was not upset for too long though. It was still a very good day despite the one roadblock. I am all good,

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