Entry #1

Entry #1

I do have to admit, writing more than one entry today, that yesterday was very exciting for me – a very good day. Even though I was a little upset about having my 2 pm appointment cancelled, the day turned out wonderful after all. I do have to admit, yet again, that the excitement of the day starting at 630 am in the morning ended up going to 3 am this Wednesday morning. I did grab a glass of ice water, laid down on the futon with the TV on and read some of my Harry Potter: Prisoner of Azkaban for a while, took a break and watched some recorded TV shows, and still could not sleep at 1230 am! Read some more until 3 am and finally got 3 hours of sleep before waking up unable to sleep anymore. I am so excited that I have ALL of the Harry Potter books now I guess, LOL. I read 6 chapters in one night because I could not put the book down at all.

Anyway…I am up for the day now. It is going to be 11 a.m. shortly. I am going to have my shower between 1130 and 12 noon today because KH won’t be here until then today – maybe every Wednesday from now on – not sure. I will find out when she does get here. I am okay with this plan today and if it happens every Wednesday from now on because then I have more time to do other things before she gets here. After my shower, I will do some more journaling, snuggling and cuddling with Bing, do some more reading, and watching TV.

Oh yeah, speaking of TV … I did not quite understand what was going on when I was watching Rugrats I had previously recorded when the TV went blank and the DVR box had no time on it. It was frustrating because I thought the box was shorting out or broken. Within 45 minutes, with my nerves on edge not knowing what was going on, the DVR box came back on with the time and I was able to resume – actually START OVER – watching Rugrats again. I guess my DVR box was updating/upgrading its modem inside the box. I was relieved it was not anything serious and I would had to call the cable company to have them check it out in the morning. I was almost getting so upset that I did try calling the cable company to explain what was going on, but for some reason, tired as I really was, could not get through to an agent to ask what was going on with my cable box at 4 am in the morning. I did think that my cable box was broken down and I needed to have it replaced. I knew the electricity did not blink in and out because of the light on my kitchen counter was still on and the electricity was just fine. I do have to admit that between 315 and 4 am was nerving! I read a little more before finally going to sleep for a while. My emotions took a hold of me again before I could control them AGAIN! And I had such a WONDERFUL day yesterday, too! Why did I lose control and wait the cable box out! Geez!
More later!

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