Entry #2

center>Entry #2
It does seem, at the moment, that my morning has come and gone rather quickly today! I do not know exactly why but I can assume – without making an ass out of me and anyone else in my world – if is because of the fact that I did not have my shower at 930/10 am this morning but later at 1130 am. I did not sleep well last night either because of my exciting day yesterday and I had read more and more of Harry Potter: The Prisoner of Azkaban – the 3rd installment of the movie and book set. Sleep was very hard to find. I thought, a while ago, that I had six chapters but I have only read 5 ½ chapters last night and this morning before KH came to help with my shower. I do have to admit now that I am in the 6th chapter of the book now and taking a break and working on my journaling and playing games on facebook. KH said she would be here between 1130 – 12 noon but she was here at 1126 am. Within 10 minutes I was in the shower and 15 minutes after I got cleaned up, I was out and dressed in comfortable clothes for the day since I am not going anywhere today. I am still excited about yesterday, too. A nap is deemed necessary but it has not come yet so maybe I will be able to sleep well tonight without a hitch or problem. I do not know. KH stayed for a while and just left a few seconds ago to run her afternoon errands and I will see her on Friday before the weekend. I have updated my finances an hour ago and took care of my checking account with the credit union I am with, and now I have my place to myself once again along with Bing laying on the back of futon watching the wintry world outside – a slushy world it is today after yesterday’s snow flurry afternoon. My day is going great! So far, another great day going for me.

More later…

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