A Change In Plans

I do have to admit that I did not do any reading last night before bed because I wanted to get some more sleep than I was getting the past two nights and if I continue read Harry Potter into the night, I will not get any sleep at all since J. K. Rowling writes very good books that are NOT boring. When I talked to my mom Wednesday night, I was excited about having all of the books and told her that I did, and she told me they are very good reads and she also had a hard time putting them down as well. Mom and I love to read.

Waiting Patiently But Beginning To Lose Patience

KH has not yet arrived to help with my shower yet! Dang! It is 1005 am now. I wonder if the roads are slick or she is just being normally late as she is most of the time. I am beginning to feel impatient now. I want to get in and out of the shower before too long and get comfortable … do my chores for the day before dark and relax for the weekend. I want to do some more reading, I am just wanting to get in and out of my shower today.

10:08 am

KH did arrive at 10:08 a.m. I do not know exactly what time I had finally got in the shower but I was in and out within fifteen to twenty minutes, dressed in comfortable clothes, and ready for my day.

My Day

Even though I did have a very good day all day long, the day did seem long and somewhat boring. I watched recorded TV shows all d. ay long after my shower and KH left for the weekend. My day was an ordinary day. My week was fantastic and awesome. Now, with the weekend here, I am going to watch Harry Potter movies – 4, 5, and 6 – to some reading, writing, watching recorded TV shows, have cake and ice cream with other tenants in celebration of a tenant’s birthday, and take it easy. For the past couple of hours now, finally coming down from the cloud of excitement, I have dozed on and off so I will head to bed here in a moment.

Good Night

Good night and God bless, I will be back sometime tomorrow. Sleep well and have a great night.

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