Busy Day

I went back up to Madison at 1 pm and got there at 2 am because I felt worse than I did yesterday but the results did not show dehydration again so I was sent home. Today I felt that I was not being heard exactly because I felt that something else was wrong but the doctors assured me that if I had a bowel obstruction, I would not have any gases. I left it at that … feeling very at this point and wanting my sleep back because I have not a good night’s sleep since Saturday night now. Got home about 630 am or so and decided to lay down even though sleep is not coming yet at this point in time and wait for MM to come pick me up to take me to see a new doctor (Internal physician). I was going to talk to this new doctor – Dr. Hussli – about my hernia and check and make sure I did not have anything obstructing in my stomach that may be causing my bowels being the way they have been the past several days now with my last good bowel movement being Tuesday.

Dr. Hussli

I really like Dr. Hussli a lot. I talked to her about what I was concerned about and she looked at my hernia and gave me a small examination of ears, eyes, nose, and throat, looked at my hernia closely, and had a few x-rays ordered and done before I left for the day. Because of my bout with not having a good bowel movement since Thursday and having diarrhea Tuesday and today and by the time I got to my appointment – an hour after I took an anti-diarrhea pill the diarrhea stopped – Dr. Hussli had put me on the BRAT diet, and eating an yogurt a day to get the good bacteria in my system. I will be able to have bowel moments soon she said. She even told me to stop taking any anti-diarrhea pills and I told her I will stop now since there is no more diarrhea.

A Quick Note to My Readers

I just want to let my readers and friends here at Dear Diary know that I can be graphical in my entries from time to time but I will not hold back any thoughts anymore because I find it important to be honest and truthful. I did have a couple of emotional days here and my anxiety was way up in the clouds as well. I am usually afraid of meeting new doctors because I am not sure if I am walking into as a human being, but I was not afraid of meeting Dr. Hussli at all. I do not think it was because I was so tired by that point and I want to get some sleep, though. After the Tuesday and earlier today, I vowed I was not going to hide anything any longer and play games with my health anymore. After my appointment was over and done and x-rays were taken, MM and I went to the grocery store to pick up a couple of bananas, one yogurt, and apple sauce for the next couple of days. I will be seeing MM and J tomorrow for food preparation and grocery shopping tomorrow – Thursday. I will be feeling better soon. Yay!!!

More Tomorrow

I have had a very day today and now I am going to take it easy. The anxiety is coming down to a level of management. I am beginning to feel tired and a little sleepy. I am going to go for now. I am getting the want to be on my computer and wanting to read again so I am beginning to feel better again. More later.

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