Between Sunday & Today

I do have to admit that between Sunday and today, I was not feeling very good at all. Thought maybe I might have been dehydrated or having problems with my transplanted kidney after 23 years, so I went up to Madison Tuesday morning and then went back again Wednesday morning at 1 a.m. but did find out that I was not dehydrated at all. I did have diarrhea but found out that I did not have any dehydration. Even with that … I did not feel good at all. I did not sleep well from Sunday through Tuesday, that by Wednesday, I had become whiney and I did wanted some sleep. Feeling better … seeing/meeting a new doctor – an internal medicine doctor and expressing ALL concerns and worries, I had my bowels looked at and my hernia. I do have a large hernia, and my new internal medicine doctor has forwarded my request to talk to a surgeon about having it fixed or at least talk to a surgeon.

I will update the days between Saturday and today throughout the weekend but I am tired right now and going to head to bed here in a few. Good night and God bless! I am feeling better and will be okay.

Today was meal preparation day and grocery shopping, It was another busy day. MM and J did not leave until 4 pm this afternoon. When I had awakened this morning, I found myself feeling better and realized that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day to get our bowels moving. I have known for years that breakfast is important but just did not pay mind to it until my appointment with Dr. Hussli yesterday afternoon. I did finally come down from that horrible cloud of anxiety and my diarrhea has not returned and slept well last night – from 630ish to 1030 and again from 11 pm to 7 am this morning. MM was right that I would sleep well now. Dang! I hate it when MM is right, lol.

More tomorrow and over the weekend.

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