This Sunday Was Not Bad!

I do have to admit that today was a fantastic day for me. I was not entirely alone today at all even though I did spend the morning from my waking hour to 1:45 p.m. at home alone, but after 2 p.m. I was with other neighbors in our community room watching the Packers and the Bear play against each other – believing the Green Bay Packers are playing in the super bowl on February 6th. Exciting! The Packers won with 21 points to the Bears which had 14 pointsIt was a close game at that as well. I was super glad to have been invited to watch the game with three other neighbors in our building. During the game we ate snacks and enjoyed each other’s company for a little while. As of today, we are now planning a Super Bowl party on February 6th. I am excited even though in reality I am not a football fan like others are. I am a Green Bay Packer fan though versus Chicago Bears, though, but I do have to admit that it was an awesome game today. In two weeks, football season will be over until the next football season at the end of the year. It was, again a very close game today, too. I am very happy the Packers won today! YAY!

My friend CKR came over to help with a couple of things before heading upstairs to her place to take her evening meds and get a snack eaten before retiring back to watch the 6th Harry Potter movie with me. After the movie I will be retiring for the night and come tomorrow – Monday – a new week will begin with activity, cleaning, appointments, and meal planning, and having face to face interaction with other people. Tonight Bing is enjoying his time with CKR before the movie is over and I have the evening to myself once more. It was a very busy day for me after 2 pm. Anyway, I am glad the weekend has come and now is leaving, and a new week is beginning in so many hours. It was a very good weekend and I looked forward to today coming because I was going to be with neighbors and friends watching the Packers and Bears against each other in football.

I am heading off for the night and will return tomorrow after my morning shower. I am going to watch Harry Potter: The Half Blood Prince now with CKR and then head to bed. Afterwards. Good night and God bless.

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