Monday, January 24, 2011

My Morning

I can not argue that my morning has been going smoothly and nicely. I decided to cancel my shower with KH this morning and take a shower later in the day – later yet this afternoon on my own. I just did not want KH here today after the phone tag game was being played throughout the evening before bed and the attitude she was throwing off on me in her messages and then when I returned her call three different times last night, she did NOT return my calls with being civil to me. I was getting pissed off and unhappy with her so I canceled today’s shower this morning. I am not happy with her at all right now and personally wish to have a different shower gal helping me with my showers now. I am done with KH outside of her job now, No more KH as a friend from this day forward.

With that shared and said, my morning has been good enough for me … given the type of week I had last week physically and emotionally all week long. I made the best of last week outside the fact I was not feeling very well for about three to four days. This week, Monday through Saturday, will be a better week, and it begins this morning with enthusiasm at 4 am with a small nap from 545 am to 735 am this morning. I did use my CPAP machine last night from 11 pm to 445 am! It is going to be fairly long day for me but a good one I hope.

My Afternoon

I really cannot say much about my afternoon because I did nothing except watch recorded TV and Live TV, played games on Facebook, and finished reading Harry Potter: The Prisoner of Azkaban. I am going to start reading Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire before retiring for the night or tomorrow after my DLS (Daily Living Skills) is done in the morning. I am not sure as of yet what I am planning on doing. All because of the Harry Potter books being rather addicting and reading chapter after chapter into the wee hours of the morning, I will probably wait until after J leaves and begin reading before noon. I am still obsessed with Harry Potter and now going to begin reading the 4th installment of the book! YAY! The wanting to begin reading did, in my mind, come into thinking more than once this afternoon…

Harry Potter

I am still very excited about having all of the books of the series in my possession now. I do not feel so obsessed like I was in 2009 and when I got my 1st three books of Harry Potter series, but I am now making sure that I am reading book after book, chapter after chapter, and getting the idea of the story within. I have seen all of the movies except for the 7th movie because it is just coming out this year in two parts. Now, I know I am not the only fan of J.K. Rowling, so I will not go into detail of that, but I am looking forward to seeing the movie when it comes out on DVD. I was able to watch the 6th movie of Harry Potter last night with my friend CKR before retiring to bed for the night. I went to bed a little later than usual last night but did sleep good enough in my bedroom with my CPAP machine for a few hours.

My Evening

I had CKR come down around the dinner hour so I could hop in the shower with someone here since I canceled KH this morning. I feel so clean and fresh now after my shower. YAY! I won’t go into detail about canceling KH this morning because the reason I did so was because I just did not want here at all today. CKR ate her supper here will I showered and kept Bing company. After my shower, I got comfortable and visited with CKR for a while before she left at 7 pm to head back home to her own place. I am all showered and cleaned up for the night and about ready for bed. I am going to say good night and God bless now and come back sometime tomorrow.

My Plans For Tuesday

Tuesdays are my Daily Living Skills day in the morning from 830 – 1030 as a load of laundry, up to 3 loads gets done, the bathroom gets cleaned, the floors gets swept and mopped, vacuumed, and laundry gets put away. After my DLS, I will do what I want as the rest of the day is defending for myself. I do know that my medicine will be delivered tomorrow afternoon sometime between 1230 and 5 pm in the afternoon by the delivery man named Bob. Otherwise the rest of my day after my DLS is all mine and my kitty Bing’s day.

Good night and God bless!

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