My Tuesday

6 AM

I have been up since 6 am this morning. No big deal really actually. I just could not sleep anymore after getting a good night of rest and relaxation. It is going to be a busy morning for me once J gets here to help with my daily living skills, and then the rest of the day – afternoon after J leaves after cleaning the bathroom, laundry, and sweeping/mopping, and vacuuming is all done for the week. I have taken care of the trash, put folded laundry away, and got my laundry basket of dirty laundry all ready for the week.

1130 AM

J has been here and gone by 10:15 am with the bathroom cleaned, the laundry done, swept/mopped,. And vacuuming the floors, and then left for the day, leaving me to my own devices earlier than I expected this morning. I had my breakfast and now waiting for the lunch hour to come so I can have some spaghetti for lunch today with spinach along with it. What I had for breakfast was a yogurt and banana, and egg sandwich with spinach. My morning was very good and nice. Today’s weather is seasonably cold. J said that my toilet and bathroom sink looked pretty good this week and she saw what I had done before she got here at 815 am this morning.


Not sure what is going on yet for my shower with KH at this time of 630 pm but I do have to admit that I will not answer the phone when she calls me this evening. I am still a little niffed about what happened Sunday night trying to call her back when she asked me to and then she called me back with an attitude that stuck and was unprofessional and unfriendly. So I am unsure of what is going on for tomorrow morning yet at this hour of the evening. I could care less if I ever see her again at this point now anyway. That is how unhappy I am now and I do not know what to think about things right now. I do hope I hear from her soon though. I am tired and I want to get a decent night’s sleep tonight. Last night was fine and all but I did feel the emotion big time. I was so glad that J came and helped with my daily living skills, and I put in a full day without any hitches but did have a two to three hour nap and being awakened by a couple of phone calls at home. Yes, I am still hurt and bothered by what happened Sunday night. I hope I have a shower gal tomorrow!

The Rest of My Day

My day was great and not busy at all. I am heading off and going to be very soon … within the next 45 minutes or so. I can barely keep my eyes open anymore even though I have had a two to three hour nap this afternoon between 2 and 4 pm dozing off to watching Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Yawn. Good night.

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