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I need to take a few moments now to write an entry because my mind is filled with thought and wonder at this hour of the more. I have been up since 445 am this morning today. I have been unable to get back to sleep so I decided to get up and get my day started even though I am going to be tired again after my shower and KH leaves but that is going to be okay because today is going to be layback day for me all day long. I do expect a phone call to come today and maybe even company this afternoon for a while but otherwise my day is going to be a layback day. I am not going anywhere today at all even though tomorrow is going to be a little different for me because I am going to be … going places such as the grocery store and an afternoon appointment to my counselor, then the rest of the week is pretty much all mine minus Friday another shower day like today and Mondays. I do remember canceling my shower Monday morning because I just did not want KH coming over at all that day … I was unhappy with her and did not want her professional attitude here that day either. Our friendship is now not as strong as it was because we are noticing each other a little more in attitude and faulty ways. KH will no longer be taking me to the grocery store or will I go with her anywhere as often as I have in the most recent past because my weeks are now different and I am more busier and now I have a case manager and DLS worker who will take me places such as the grocery store. Many changes have occurred since Christmas and December these days.

I will be taking my medicine here very shortly and eating breakfast. Ever since January 19th, which was a week ago, I have vowed never to skip breakfast ever again in my life knowing for many years that it is one of the most important meals of the day. I have, for the past several days now, enjoyed having a breakfast every morning. I will never argue about having three meals a day ever again!!!

I will be back sometime today after my morning’s shower and KH leaves for the day. I am no longer on the while she is here because she is curious about what is going on on my computer and what I am doing online or whatever is going on at the time. I do not like people looking over my shoulder unless it is an invitation I have given someone now-a-days because I am a private person at times too. I love it here at Dear Diary because venting, expressing, reading other entries, and sharing what I have on my mind is important to me all the time. Dear Diary is my favorite place to be today and always and I am so glad to be a part of the Dear Diary team. I just do not like nosy or curious people all the time when it comes to looking over my shoulder. I do have a life that is not always to be shared too. Dear Diary is one special and unique place!


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