Entry #3

I know I said I was going to bed here shortly and did say my good night and God bless a while ago, I just have a little more to say before heading off to bed for the night.

Even though today was a good day, I had done my DLS this morning, I am feeling like I have had yet another lazy day and my emotions about Sunday night trying to talk to KH has been bothering me since then and still bothers me even though KH and I talked briefly this evening a while ago. I will not talk to KH about what happened Sunday night anymore because it is over and done now and I am not going to bring up the past anymore because it brings on those dratted “drama” headaches and I do not live for drama anymore these days. I still see and hear drama around me and it … is very sad indeed. Even at the building I live in, drama is around. Some people just live drama and it is very sad indeed. I have not talked to the neighbor above me about the noises I have been hearing from her apartment because there is no use of talking to this person in reality. She lives a fantasy world and it does not mesh with the reality of the world. At times her noise does not bother me – most of the time it usually doesn’t bother me but lately I have noticed more noise from her place by her or her curious cat.

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