Entry #1 – Morning

Today is one of those days – a busy one to be – is going to a day of writing on spur of the moment right here without using a word processor to write my entries today all day long. As or now, I am up and dressed, had my breakfast of yogurt – blueberry – played some games on Facebook already, have been watching Live TV this morning, and within an hour, J and MM will be here for meal preparation day for the week. A busy day it is going to be and it began at 4:45 through 5:30 am this morning for me. Early to bed lately brings on early to rise. I want to make sure, since last Thursday, that I do not miss breakfast anymore as it is the most important meal of the day on top of my day. I have noticed that I have been having a little more energy lately, too. Yay!

Well, I better had off for the time being because I need to find a certain recipe for banana bread that I can do and use as I have bananas almost ready for banana bread, and also I have to get my grocery list done for the week. Busy morning now and since it is going on 815 am there is no more time to lolligag any long since company will be here in a while – 45 minutes from now pretty much – MM always fashionably late, lol. I will be back later. Good bye for now.

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