Entry #1 – My Morning and Some Other Thoughts

My Morning

My morning began at 6 a.m. this morning. I woke up, brushed my hair to get all the snarls out for KH when she helped me with my showering, got my glasses ready to be put on my face so I could see better, and then have spinach leaf toasted sandwiches for breakfast, and then get online for the morning before KH got here to help with my shower. I want to get in and out of my shower so when KH gets here between 930 – 10 am, it is going to be business, in and out of the shower after she begins her paperwork and ends her paperwork before she heads out the door. Even with that said, KH will make sure that Bing Crosby has got a little bit of loving from her, his food dish filled with more of his favorite cat food – Indoor formula cat chow, water dish filled with clean, crisp, cold water with two to three ice cubes, and then does her paperwork, and helps me with my shower, then getting dressed for the day in comfies for the weekend, pick up the bathroom a little bit, and do her paperwork, give Bing some more loving and attention, and then get ready to leave, and then head out the door to her next client. i am not in the mood to have total slowness this morning — not grumpiness. I just want to get in and out of my shower but will let KH warm up from being out in the cold and get going. KH is to be here for an hour or so anyway. Once she comes and goes, the rest of the day is all mine and Bing’s.

Some Other Thoughts

Bing does not really care for KH’s attitude at times around him as she love to poke and tease him, and grab him from behind when he is unaware of what is going to happen to him — startling him and he meows his distaste to what is happening, and she just ignores his pleading meows to stop, and so after she leaves, he goes to the bedroom to nap and come out to run to the bathroom/his litter box to potty, and eats more in the late afternoon. KH has been told more than once to stop teasing and taunting Bing. She laughs at him all the time and it is annoying me to no end. I cannot wait until I change companies and KH is no longer my shower gal. KH has pissed me off a lot lately in the past month. This past Sunday was NOT the only time she really pissed me off.

By the time KH had left, it was time to eat lunch since I ate breakfast by 730 am and my stomach was beginning to growl for a lumch meal from my freezer that was made in the past two weeks. Yum!

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