Entry #3 – The Rest of My Afternoon & Evening

My appointment with my counselor did go very well. I was glad to have gone and come back home safely and surely. I was right/correct that the sidewalk was shoveled and cleared of snow. In fact, there was no snow on the sidewalk at all when I left for my appointment. MP did a very good job today. Awesome job! I, as a tenant, am impressed with MP’s hard work and determination of the winter job of shoveling and laying down salt to melt any ice particles and snow. It was snowing at 9 am when MM, J, and I went to the store to go grocery shopping and returned back to my apartment, but when I left for my 2 pm appointment with my “shrink”, the snowfall was no longer happening and the sidewalk around the building was done and gone. Amazing!! I did get to my appointment a few minutes late but learned that my counselor was running a little behind herself so i was not totally lost … she is always a little late getting me unto her office anyway.

After i got home from my appointment I visited my neighbor/friend LG at her place for a while before she ate her supper and gave her kitty Rusty, who turned 9 years of age yesterday, some wanted/needed attention. Rusty used to be called Rustinator but I now call him Rusty the Brave after hearing a story about him as a kitten being brave in tramsping from one place to another on a porch of his home – LG’s home in another country. Forgot where at the moment! ARRGG! I hate those moments in my memory issues! It is a country I do wish to visit one day, too! After visiting with LG, I stopped and chatted with four other tenants in the community room playing Gin Rummy at one of the tables. In fact, four tenants were playing a game, and two other tenants were watching and visiting. I met a tenant who moved in a year ago into an apartment on the 2nd floor for the first time this afternoon – early afternoon before getting to my apartment just across the hall from the community room.

Evening is closing in on us very quickly today. I am home, in my pajamas now, a phone call from KH telling me when she will be here for my shower in the morning – 930 am or so is when she will be here tomorrow. I will be heading to bed in a while since I have been up since 545 am again today. Yep, I have been up for 12 hrs + as we speak in this household. Bing and I have yet to have our cuddling time but I think that is not going to happen tonight but WILL happen tomorrow before KH gets here to help with my shower in the morning.

I am not sure what is going to happen this weekend yet but I do know that I will be relaxing and staying comfortable. I am going to say good night and God bless now and head off to bed for the night. Good night and God bless! I will be back tomorrow sometime.

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