Entry #3

It has been a wonderful morning and early afternoon so far even though it is yet only going on 2 pm now. It has been fairly quiet and ordinary around here. I had company call around 1230 pm and be here by 1 pm for a short visit. I have good friends and their families in a religion called Jehovah’s Witnesses and my friend CN visited me this afternoon at 1 pm for a short time – a half an hour so and then after CN left, the day is all mine and Bing’s once again. CN and I sat at the kitchen table this afternoon while I prepared my yummy lunch and asked if it was okay to eat while it was still hot and smelled so good! CN said that was fine. I was so very hungry anyway and just could not wait any longer. Now I have time to myself once again. Yay! No more plans and no more company today. The rest of the day is all mine and Bing’s. Bing has been keeping to himself most of the time since KH has been here and CN has come and gone. Don’t worry, though… Bing has made a noiseless appearance and let CN and I both know that he was using his litter box and going potty like a big, good cat he is most of the time. As for now, the time being, all is great here in the Karnopp household.

Been Thinking…Possibly Overthinking In the Real World at the Moment In Time

What do I mean about this so-called title? Truly and honestly, exactly what it really states. I have been thinking a lot today and probably thinking way too much about something that has crept into my mind in the past few days. What I have been thinking about, in the past few days, and really wish it has NOT been on my mind is…my PA family – a brother and his wife, and their three children who are grown up now. They come creeping into my mind so often that I just cringe and a coldness comes across my whole being and body that makes me want throw up and puke my brains out until every bit of food I ate has come out. My brother’s wife is a bitch now and has really broken up the family for stupid and dumb reasons …. she herself is mentally ill and denies it but puts the entire blame on my mother. As far as I am concerned, like she has proven us to be dead to her and my brother and her lovely child believed to be mentally ill as well, she and my brother – my PA family – is dead to me forever and ever with no plans of reconciling our differences to mutual grounds. Too much mental anguish and abuse has taken its toll to have anything set to some form of agreement even if my brother comes crawling back and ask for forgiveness at how he allowed his bitch of a wife to treat me the way she has all these years. No limbs or his head practically off his neck, and shoulders will even be considered. He married a volatile, mentally ill woman he now calls his wife. I call his wife “The Bitch” of today’s society and today is one of those days I wish that he never married her. I know for a fact that “The Bitch” is the controller in that family and my brother is being, excuse me for saying this, pussy whipped and can not say anything to stop his wife, the Bitch from being so darn mental. TK is a royal bitch and I once truly loved her until after I realized the truth about my PA family. Now…. Others may fully understand why this has been a bear on my dang mind the past few days. Dang! It ALWAYs comes across to “The Bitch” and the PA family. She is just a nasty sort of people I believe need to be in a mental hospital locked up with the darn key thrown away and be forgotten to rot and decay with no sympathy from anyone people like TK are. Really!

Royally Pissed

If any of my PA family has a diary here at Dear Diary and has been spying on me all this time, I do not give a damn anymore if they have been spying and reading my journal here. My PA family is dead to me now and I will NEVER answer the phone if they ever call me again. I know damn well who are their spies or know they spy themselves on my life. This is my world here and this is my place to vent and write ALL my feelings any time I wish. They can harass me all they want because the authorities will be knocking at their door to be told to be leave me alone from now on. Now, I may, seriously, be over reacting but as long as “The Bitch” is in my brother’s world, I do not give a damn about my PA family anymore. I wish my damn brother would divorce “The Bitch” already and wise up[ that he is being pussy whipped, and she the one controlling the damn family. I do not feel sorry for that asshole brother of mine anymore, either. They can go to hell for all I damn care. The Bitch, my brother, my two nieces and one nephew ARE DEAD FOREVER! AMEN! I have said my peace and want NOTHING to do with my PA family anymore. They HAVE destroyed EVERYTHING!
For the Rest of My Wednesday

I am going to read, watch TV, play games on Facebook, take it easy, and be me the rest of the day. I was watching Dog the Bounty Hunter this morning and early afternoon but I have turned to the Syfy channel to watch a show that is in syndication from time to time titled “Dead Like Me” starring Ellen Muth as a dead girl who is now considered a reaper – I think. It is a good show but not something I would watch every day. It just so happens that the Syfy channel has it running all day as a marathon … today.

Bye For Now

I am pretty much done writing in my Dear Diary journal for the day. I will be back tomorrow sometime.

& one more thing…

Tomorrow’s Plans

Tomorrow is my meal preparation day, grocery shopping, and I have a counseling appointment with my counselor PS tomorrow afternoon at 2 pm and I will be leaving here tomorrow around 130 pm hopefully. Tomorrow is ANOTHER very busy day for me and then Friday and the weekend will be here, and I will have the ENTIRE weekend to myself along with Bing.

A Quick Note

I have said exactly what I have wanted to say in the past few days. Please accept my apology of ALL the swearing and straightforwardness I have truly expressed in my 3rd installment of my diary here. I am unhappy with my PA family and have been for a VERY LONG TIME now and NEEDED to EXPRESS myself openly without judgment called on me this VERY DAY! I am not always going to be a nice guy anymore. My true feelings will come out from time to time and I will vent every word from my heart and mind no matter what goes on in my world of thought. I have HAD IT with some family members and my PA family is the problem today and always will be. Ny brother is DEAD TO ME forever.

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