My Friday on February 4, 2011

I had my shower, got dressed, J came over and we made meatloaf and split pea soup, and went grocery shopping at Wal-Mart and spent $76.76 on food and other needed items, and the came home and put the groceries away, and then Jessica left. After J left, I read more of Harry Potter, cuddled with Bing in the recliner chair, watched TV, and talked to my IDS caseworker MM before she left for home for the weekend while she was at work. Today was a very good day all day long.

Unexpected Phone Call

I had gotten a phone call from a phone number I did not recognize except for the last 4 digits. I was not sure if I should answer it so I let the caller go to voicemail and then listened to the message, and did assume correctly who the caller was. I was not sure about calling her back at first but then realized I had the “what will it hurt” attitude inside me and called the number back and talked to the person on the other line. I had learned that this person wanted to see me and meet her “man” before she and her “man” moved out of state. I told her that today was not going to work but tomorrow – Saturday – would be fine. She will be here around 11 a.m. tomorrow morning. So…I will have company tomorrow for a while. Then…I will never see this person again after she moves out of state but will have her phone number and new home address. I am wondering how tomorrow is going to turn out when company does arrive. I am so very happy that she is moving out of state and out of Wisconsin because this person who loves sex and will have sex with any man who will give it to her. I know … GROSS! Yuck! Tomorrow will be my last time I will see this person again. Yay!

Yes, I am talking about JT who moved out of Teamster Manor in October/November and moved to another subsidized apartment complex downtown, and is now moving out of state. Yes, JT and I have not spoken to one another since she moved because I blocked her cell phone number from being able to call or text after she left because we have not spoken to one another because we had a big argument that stopped us from communication. Tomorrow, I will be seeing her for the very last time … do not want too much communication with her to this day yet …. even so. I am glad she is moving on and has a new man but I do have to admit that her personal life is none of my business and I hated the idea of repeating myself with her. I may give her another chance to a point but I am not sure at this time if I really should. I do not need anymore headaches, tears, and confusion with any friendships that are unstable. i know who my true friends are and that is important … more important to me that is.

This Weekend ????

I am going to have company over tomorrow for a while, the Super Bowl party on Sunday at 4:30 p – ???, and what else goes on this weekend is definitely questionable at this time. I just ended my period for the month of January yesterday and feeling a little sluggish and blah yet today – tired – fatigued a bit but otherwise good. I am bleeding a little bit yet today but not a whole lot anymore. I try to give into my weekends to relax and be comfortable and have little to do since my weekdays are very busy now-a-days. Sleeping in does not happen much anymore for me. I hot up at 6:15 a.m. this morning.

Anyway … it is getting late and I am tired. Good night and God bless. I will be back sometime tomorrow after my company comes and goes.

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