Good Morning

GOOD MORNING … I think, LOL. Anyway, I have been up since 615 am or so at least. Did some cleaning, took my meds, got dressed, and now taking it easy before J gets here to help me clean since today, Tuesdays, is my DLS (Daily Living Skills), and … so my morning is going to be busy for about 2 hours. I am taking a few moments, in my early morning wake hours, to say hello and good morning before I got super duper busy once J gets here.

A Glimpse

I do have to admit that I have something I would like to share but it will have to wait until after J leaves around 10 am this morning. I will give this much information, though… something happened Sunday evening here and I felt hurt and could not sleep because of excitement of the Super Bowl game and what happened in the lobby of our building between me and KM, with three other people hearing what was said to me. Let me put it this way… KM was very rude, mean and nasty sounding, and had one big mouth. I will have more to share about this later.

WARNING: Strong language has been used…

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