It Was Not Too Bad Of A Day

Today was an okay sort of day. I did not wake up in the greatest mood to be honest here. In fact, to be very honest here, I did not sleep very well – a couple of hours or so and was up and down throughout the night because of the fact that I had a lot on my mind and could not shake off some feelings I had encountered last night. In fact I was pretty upset last night when a neighbor, KM, decided to be very rude in nature/attitude and be a royal bitch. I have not been excited about KM being back for a while now because I have been noticing her attitude has changed in my way of thinking … badly so. KM has been very different and many tenants are not happy that she has returned back to the apartment building in December. Enough about KM. I am going on with my world … the better I feel, the better I become the person I ought to be.

Anyway, I am getting tired and will be heading to bed here before 9 pm tonight – I think … anyway. I will be back sometime tomorrow after J come and goes. I might be able to be back before J gets here in the morning as well depending on how well I do sleep tonight.

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