Tomorrow’s Plans

I talked to the nurse in Janesville today and told her that I was not feeling that great yet but she told me to eat what I can tolerate at this time, and go have fun with my IDS friends, and go have a good time and get away. I had dealt with the worst anxiety I have ever felt this past weekend that drove me nuts and whatever virus I was dealing with. since it was not an UTI and medications proved to not work, and my urine was not dirty, a virus was the only thing the doctor in Janesville and Madison conferred it was and it has to run its course. Anyway…

IDS (Independent Disability Services) has an outing tomorrow – lunch and movie, and the nurse, Laura, told me to go and enjoy myself and before I know it, I will have my appointment with Dr. Hussli on Thursday. Boy oh boy, I am going to talk to my doctor about being put on medication for the anxiety part of my disorder now since I have had my last full-blown anxiety attack over the past few days and still recovering from its after affects. I have to do something about it and nip it in the butt before it runs me down again. I am going to go to out to eat tomorrow – not sure if I am going to be able to eat much or anything until I wake up and get ready to go, and go enjoy the movie “The Green Hornet” with other IDS clients who are friends of mine.

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