March 1

The 1st day of March Already here??

I can not believe that it is the 1st day of March already … amazingly nice out and my living room window is open and it is very nice outside today. I am seriously thinking of going outside to sit for a while to enjoy the fresh, warm air the weather is sharing with us today. 20 days before Spring before Spring will be officially here. I am looking forward to Spring finally getting here. This winter has not been too bad but I do have to admit that it has been super duper cold and yucky out for most of the winter months. With Spring on its way, I do have to admit that winter is becoming a memory of my mind. Let Spring come!

Here I Am … Still Wondering About Some People in My Life

“still wondering about some people in my life” is a very good title at the moment but I believe I seriously titled my thought incorrectly here but I will let my Dear Diary readers be the judge of the title and go from there. I have close friends I will always communicate with texts and on facebook. I am very close to my dear friend JSL and will communicate with her on facebook and through texts on our phone and a couple of other people through texts from time to time but not … like JSL. I can JSL everything … anyway…

I still wonder about some people who are in my life but do not keep in touch often by text or facebook. Why should I bother with some people in my life who do not keep in touch with me. Yes, talking to someone is a two-way street indeed, but I am done wasting my energies on some people. I have this rule in my home as well as probably many other people do … I will not call anyone unless they call me attitude. This attitude I got from my brother and his wife several years ago. I do not communicate with my brother and his wife and 3 kids anymore because THEY are the ones who choose not to have any communication with me and it is their choice. I will not allow my brother and his wife, 3 kids in my life ever again. Even with that said, I do wonder what they are up to these days, but a major part of me really does not care anymore. They are no longer welcome in my world even if they crawl on their hands and knees and beg for forgiveness. I will forgive them but will NOT forget what happened and I will tell them EXACTLY how I feel and shut the door in their faces after asking them to leave. I do not feel sorry for my brother and his wife at all. I do feel sorry and bad for my dad who has no communication whatsoever with my brother and his wife, and his 3 grandchildren. I feel they are snobs, bitches, and bastards. Enough said about my family who live in PA. Why bother with idiotic people?! Not a laughing matter.

Why Does HI Bother Me?!

I just wish that HI would get the hint to leave me alone and get a new life without me. She needs to stop calling me every few weeks to try to make small talk and get the latest gossip of my life to pass on information to the damn GC people who have nothing better to do but turn people’s lives upside down and live in drama. HI is very Ill physically to the point that she has seizures all the time now. My health has been compromised … since last summer and I had a scare here about three weeks ago and so my health is being monitored carefully every week for the time being. I just wish HI would leave me alone and get a new life. My world does not include HI anymore and it will not include HI anymore in the future – near or far – recent or past. She is OUT of my life for good today and always. I hate her with a passion to this very day. I am sick and tired of hearing the negativity in her life that would drag down even the happiest person down. She is depressing and someone I do not want to talk to anymore. She just does not get the hint to leave me alone and let me live my life without her. She needs to leave me ALONE and she won’t. She will continue calling me every few weeks to see if I will answer the phone which I will not anymore period. I hate her and want to be left ALONE!!! I have friends who I will associate with and HI is not one of them any longer.

My Day Today

My day today has been busy this morning … my afternoon was very quiet and not busy … my evening is all mine and I believe I will not see CKR tonight. I have the evening to myself? I am figuring I will. I like the idea right now. I have been watching recorded TV shows, reading the 5th installment of Harry Potter – read to chapter 12 a while ago and taking a small break right now from reading. Bing has been a very good kitty all day long and enjoyed his morning TV DVD a friend lent me call “Cat Sitter”. Bing watched the animals, birds, and fishes on the DVD and enjoyed it for a while. He even took the time, while I was reading with fervor and could not or felt I could not put the book down, to lay on my lap and nap while the DVD was playing on the TV from our DVD player. For a human being, I actually enjoyed hearing the sounds and seeking the animals, birds, and fishes on the DVD. In other words my day has been a good, quiet one for the most part. In fact a neighbor came over to tell me what happened to his garden/lawn tractor and asked me if I would be willing to keep an eye on the back parking lot where his tractor is stationed to make sure no one bothers it. Apparently a tire was flattened because someone took the air out of one of his tires. Dang! Why can’t people live in peace!! What has this world come to? There is so much crap going on in this world today and it is going to get worse before it gets better. The world is full of good and evil at the same time looking inside from the outside at a religious standpoint. Not preaching here – today anyway.

More Thought

I am heading to bed soon even though it is only 530 pm CST but I do have internet stuff to do before it gets too late. It has been a beautiful day all day long but unfortunately I will have to close the living room window before too long as it is getting chilly out now that the sun is setting to go to sleep for a few hours. Even though it is not Spring officially yet, it sure felt like Spring – a hint of it today anyway. Today was a quiet day for me. Did not answer the phone much today or text JSL much either today. Phone will need to be put on charger for the night anyway … close to very dead battery now anyway. I took the weekend to catch up on my writing here at Dear Diary and doing my very best to stay caught up now that February is gone and March is at play now. I am feeling pretty good about things and comfortable in my own skin once again. I have seen Dr. Hussli on the 17th of February (I believe I am correct on the date) and has asked about my anxiety levels and was put on Buspar for the anxiety portion of my disorder. It works fine! YAY! That is why I am saying I am feeling comfortable in my own skin for once and that has been a while = a long while. This week is a layback sort of week for the most part. I had my cleaning day this morning with J and she was not here for very long,. J was here for only 45 minutes or so today. I will see her again on Friday for my meal preparation day and grocery shopping expedition at Wal-Mart that happens every week as meal prep ideas come into focus in my little mind.

My Thoughts on Harry Potter

I love the books and the movies. I have to yet see the 7th installment Part 1 of Harry Potter but I am going to have to wait until the 2nd part of the 7th movie comes out this summer sometime. I missed it in the theater when it was here but missed it. Anyway, I am reading the 5th installment book – Harry Potter & The Order of Phoenix. Love it! Read 12 chapters in 2 days. Anyway, my loving the books and the movies is not the problem here but something has been on my mind ever since I had company over last Monday. Everyone has their religious beliefs and some people will not read certain books because of religious beliefs but when someone tells me that I should not be reading Harry Potter, then I do not feel very comfortable about what I read and others do not. That has been … … mind lately. I enjoy reading and have enjoyed reading ever since I was a young girl and been read to as a child. I have always enjoyed mysteries, Christian books, the Bible, horror, and thriller books all of my young adult life. I have read Stephen King books years ago. Even V.C. Andrews books “Flowers in the Attack” … love to read for many years. Reading, writing, watching crime television, judge shows, and cats, and other animals has always been a part of my life. Reading is one big thing in my world today and always.

I have other things to do right now online so I am heading off for the night and will be back sometime tomorrow after my shower gal leaves for the day. I have no major plans this week except for cleaning today as well as shopping on Friday as well as meal preparation time with J. No doctor appointments this week. YAY! I am heading off for the night so I will say good night and God bless now. Everyone have a great night and thank you for taking the time to read my very lengthy diary today. Good night!

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