March 2

March 2

My Morning

My morning has been fairly quiet and not at all busy whatsoever. Karla will not be here until 1130 am or so to help with my shower so I have ALL morning to do anything and everything I want to do. My cell phone is in need of charging but I am going to wait til the battery completely dies before I charge the phone to its full battery charge level. I have had a very very small breakfast of blueberry yogurt and 2 pieces of toast. I am not sick or anything but my stomach feels kind of bloated for some reason so I am going to do my BRAT diet with yogurt, do my limited fluid and Gatorade today, and drink some cranberry juice and a glass of tea today. Not a whole is going on right now but I do have to admit that I have a head full of thought that needs to be written, shared, and written in my more private journal I write in not as often as my Dear Diary journal/diary at Let me put it this way, my morning has been very good and now I am waiting for my afternoon and my shower!

My Afternoon

My afternoon was quiet and nice.

My Evening

CKR did not come to my apartment at all today or this evening. I went up to her place and knocked on her door but no one answered so I came back down to relax and enjoy the evening with no one visiting. I did go to the community room to visit with a couple of neighbors who were watching Wheel of Fortune and after it was over, I went home for the rest of the night and went to bed and fell asleep watching Oprah Winfrey starring Meredith Baxter and woke up and saw what was on from time to time throughout the night. I was so happy to have the day to myself for the most part. Good night!!!

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