The Visit

The Visit

KM visited my place today – earlier – to ask me what I was doing for Easter and I told her nothing at the moment. She invited me to enjoy Easter Sunday with her and LG and will ask another friend and neighbor BB as well. The idea of sharing Easter Sunday with KM, LG, and BB is an awesome idea but have not forgotten the conversation we had the other day and still bugs the heebie jeebbies out of me yet today! I did say I would like to go so I have something planned for Easter this year. Last year I spent Easter at home with Bing and did not want to do anything that day.

I will be very honest here, too. Seeing KM yesterday in my apartment in the afternoon was something of a surprise ti me actually. She did mention BS’s name again to bring up conversation and gave her a look of discomfort and then she mentioned the fact I had too much furniture in my apartment and it was a mess. That really took me for a loop and I gave her a look of discomfort again. I thought KM was out of line again and she could tell so by my face and reaction to the conversation. She knows I was in the hospital from February 11th – February 14th, I had a virus of some sort that did not help make matters better at the time, and that my strength was just coming back a couple of days ago or so. Dang KM! All because she got rid of some of her things before she moved out of here and then got rid more of her stuff before moving back here does not mean that she can be so critical of my furniture and tell me I need to get rid of my stuff. This is my home and what I have in my home is my business and not hers. I do agree that my apartment is a mess but the clutter is mine!!!! Dang!!!

I was so happy when KM finally left my place to do her own things before it got too late for her to do what she wanted to do.

From now on if I do not like something, I am going to express it openly and I am not going to hide my feelings with KM anymore. I get tired of her so easily now and I can fully understand now why a lot of the tenants do not like her anymore and wish she NEVER moved back here when she moved out of here last year.

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