Another Day!!

March 4

My Morning

My morning has not been too bad really. I just did not get together with J today because she was sick so my meal preparation day has been cancelled for the week but my grocery shopping time has been moved to 3 pm this afternoon because another IDS worker is going to take me grocery shopping today. So, after my shower and KH left for the day to get to her next client of the day, I decided to get my rent check to the manager, and get caught up on my journaling, emails, and a couple of other things that need to be done before I had out the door to go grocery shopping this afternoon. I feel kind of lazy today for some reason but that is okay I guess. The weekend has come and after the dinner hour the weekend will definitely be here for two days. My morning was great!

Some People Have the Nerve!

Okay … it’s very true … some people have the nerve to be stupid, lol. I mean it … stupid indeed. For a long time now we have had cameras installed in our building because tenants have done some real stupid things and were never caught because there was no proof, but now since the cameras have been installed and placed in several places on all three fours, no one can get away with doing stupid things any longer. I feel safe and comfortable with the cameras installed. Anyway, a tenant tried to lie about taking a candy bar from the candy machine and hide it when the manager went out to talk to him about it. There is a camera by the mailroom and it shows tenants coming and going in that area by the mailboxes, candy and pop machines, and the little sitting area. Why this tenant took a candy bar from the machine without paying for it – it so happened that the candy bar must have fallen when another tenant tried to get a candy bar and could not get it for some reason. The tenant has been caught at his actions and there is video to prove it. Some people have the nerve to be stupid and get caught on tape! Geesh! Honestly, we have tenants in here who are stupid and idiotic and think they can get away with things. Not anymore since now we have cameras installed all around the building. Some people are idiots in here!!! What is wrong with them!!! Another geesh!!

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