Saturdays Are Not Always Like This…

March 5

Come On Now, People!!!

That title is exactly the title I want to use right now! A certain person is meddling in my life right now … AGAIN! … and I am sick and tired of it. This one person, mentioned before, is KM, and what KM has been doing is, to me, out of line. Yes, she can be a caring friend and neighbor, but I am who I am for a reason. I am not KM. I am Kristi Karnopp, known well as KK, who knows her place is sort of messy right now, and definitely cluttered. I have been told that KM went to LG to visit one day and KM mentioned to LG that my place is messy, cluttered, and I have too much furniture, and I should get rid of some of my furniture to make more room in my apartment. Dang!!! What is wrong with KM! All because she got rid of some of her things before she moved out of the building last year and then got rid of some more of her things before she moved back here in December does not mean that I or anyone else has to follow suit with kM. What is wrong with KM! She one control freak apparently!!! She is NOT going to control my life. I am 40 years old and I am my own person. How many times do I have to say I am Kristi Karnopp or KK. I am my own person!! I am not KM! Honestly, I could have screamed and hollered at KM if she was right there at the time I was told that LG was told I had a messy place, too much furniture, and I should get rid of some of my stuff! I was not a very happy person at the time. I was so glad that KM was not right there. SHE SHOULD NOT HAVE COME BACK HERE! NO ONE WANTS HER HERE ANYMORE AND THOSE WHO DID NOT WANT HER TO COME BACK ARE NOT HAPPY THAT KM IS BACK ANYWAY. EVERYONE DOES NOT LIKE HER ANYMORE BUT WILL NOT TELL HER SO IN HER FACE BECAUSE SHE IS VERY MEAN AND NASTY TO ANYONE WHO DO NOT LIKE HER! I am totally surprised that KM is speaking to LG again after having several weeks of no communication until most recently. THIS BUILDING IS ONE PLACE I WILL NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE TO LIVE IN ANYMORE UNLESS THEY ARE RESPECTFUL TO EVERYONE HERE OR LEAD QUIET LIVES. DANG!

Ever since KM has moved back here and became the cleaning lady again, all I have heard from her mouth is how dirty this place is, how rude and nasty the tenants are, how people talk behind her back, and one day, which was actually Super Bowl Sunday – Green Bay Packers VS Pittsburg Steelers – I got told that I was one of those people who were talking behind KM’s back and how she handled the situation was an embarrassment to me because she had said this to me in front of MP, my friend CKR/CS, BS, while we were in the lobby area by the mailboxes/mailroom. I was so embarrassed I cried that night and for more the next day. I was hurt and totally shocked. KM was being a total bitch that day for sure and lately she has been bitchy about things and about certain people and telling me all about it. Dang!

The other day she had the decency to come visit me and tell me that she did not trust the onsite manager, the property manager, complained about how unclean this place is, and how things are being run around here, and how rude the tenants are to her. She was even rude enough to me telling me how messy my place was, that I had too much furniture I had, and that it would be much more healthier for me to get rid of some of the furniture I did have. KM has been mean lately and other tenants just tolerate her more so than anything. What is wrong with her, I have no idea, but she can be a royal pain in the butt to everyone she becomes friends with. Once you cross KM, your friendship is cut off for good. KM is two-faced!!! As for the onsite manager and the property manager, I like them very much and my relationship with them is very good. SOME PEOPLE NEED TO GET A LIFE AROUND HERE!

Other Thoughts

I know this is my diary spot and I have every right to write what I wish to write and share with the world and “my public” so I will not apologize for all the bickering, bitching, and venting I have done here for the past few days. I cannot even count how much venting I have done in the past week or so – February? – but I have vowed that my world is not going to be haunted by anxiety on a daily basis anymore and I will be straightforward, honest, and say exactly what I need or wish to say/share in my diaries from now on. I am a semi-private person and when I get upset, hurt, and pissed at someone or something, I will no longer hide my feelings. It is not easy being me, Kristi Karnopp, KK these days. I am not saying I have lived a sheltered life by any means, but I do feel that I may been protected from harm because I seemed fragile to some people in my life. I am living in a normal world among people who are disabled and not disabled. I went to school and took regular classes like other students have, worked in the real word and got paychecks every week or two weeks, and have been taking care of my own finances ever since 1999 when my mother took the time to teach me how to handle my finances. I am not a dumb person whatsoever. I just got my bachelors and masters degree in accounting in 5 ½ years and know my numbers very well. I also, unless I am writing in my journals and diaries, know how to write papers properly. English, grammar, and math are my strong suits. Reading, writing, and mathematics is my life and I will express that openly. As far as being correct here grammatically, it does not happen as journaling is a little bit different than writing papers and professional documents. Okay, enough said.

Boomerang TV Channel

Other than watching one horror movie this afternoon before CKR/CS came down, I have been watching the Boomerang Channel most of the day. Watched the Smurfs, Scooby Doo all afternoon. I was a young girl when Scooby Doo and the Smurfs first aired and I watched those cartoons every Saturday morning during cartoon time. Even Tom and Jerry was watched. Well, anyway, watching the Smurfs and Scooby Doo all afternoon has been a delightful treat today. It reminds me of Saturday mornings before I got too old for cartoons and ended up having chores every Saturday morning cleaning my room, the bathroom, and vacuumed before going out to play with friends or visiting friends. My weekends changed a lot when I was growing up. Now, living on my own, I do whatever I want on Saturdays, lol.

Feels Later Than 7 PM

It feels later than 7 PM tonight for some reason. Wow!

One More Thing

I am soon heading off Dear Diary for the night. It feels later than 7 pm CST for some reason. It probably feels later than usual because today has been cloudy, rainy, and wet all day long as the weather was predicted. It was a yucky day and definitely a day where staying indoors was definitely feasible and warm indoors all day, lol. It was yucky and rainy outdoors yesterday afternoon when I left to go grocery shopping. I even fell and landed my behind in a large rain puddle, lol!!! I got soaked in the bottom and I had to change my underwear and pants when I got inside my apartment. By the way, falling into a rain puddle happened yesterday.

A Long Entry Today and Good Night

I am not going to worry about the length of my diary entries anymore, believe me but I do believe this one is a LONG one today. Oh well. Anyway, even though it is still early, but it does feel later than usual, I am going to say good night and God bless and come back tomorrow sometime. Everyone have a great night and thank you for taking the time to come visit my Dear Diary blog spot. Good night and God bless!!!

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